FlashForward making a comeback?

It had one of the finest premises for a TV show for years, but event series FlashForward failed to build on its early promise. The plot of the US show was simple – the global population black out for 137 seconds and during their unconsciousness they see their own future 6 months later. Unfortunately, the script made an episode of Hollyoaks look high-brow.

Producers of the show had plans on making it run for 6+ series but audiences both here and Stateside soon began to droop and the decision to can it was made before the final episode of series one was even aired. But Zap2It conducted a survey ‘which show would you like to see make a comeback?’ and almost half of punters questioned(46.3%) said they would like to see the inventive show make a return (presumably to solve the frustrating cliff-hanger ending).

The top 5 shows were: 1. Flash Forward (46.3%), 2. Ghost Whisperer (17.1%), 3. Law & Order (9.7%), 4. Better Off Ted (6%), 5. Cold Case 4.9%.

Yes, we’re as surprised as you that Keith Chegwin’s ‘Naked Jungle’ wasn’t top of the poll (pun intended).

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