Fix-gate: Dermot wades in

The XFactor fix furore has been ratcheted up a notch (if indeed you can ratchet up a furore), with Dermot O'Leary admitting that Cheryl's decision to abstain from voting was pre-decided, and not an off-the-cuff act provoked by the dramatic tension.

Dermot told The Daily Mail,'We thought it might happen before the break when we found out who was in the bottom two. We decided if she wasn’t going to vote, we would go to the majority verdict.’

Meanwhile, a storm has been brewing online, a Facebook group called 'Sack Cheryl Cole From X Factor' has been established, with typical ranty comments, such as, 'There should be a public voting ban which would hit the X factor in their pocket until Cheryl is sacked for not doing the job she is paid to do. If not, we should get all our money back from last weekend, is this another ITV voting scandal?'

The contentious moment in question occured when Katie and Treyc ended up in the bottom two. Having 'sung for survival', Cheryl refused to vote, saying, 'I’m not sending either of them home, Dermot.’ He replied, ‘you’re refusing to vote?’ and she said, ‘I’m refusing point blank, I don’t have to send anybody home.’ Dermot replied, ‘OK, well ask these two then and I’ll take it to deadlock. We’re going to move it on, we’re going to take a majority verdict. If you go with Treyc, she’s going home.’

What witty repartee! Who needs Bogart and Bacall, eh?

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