Fix Factor claim #268

The current series of XFactor has been the most controversial in living memory (yes, we know it's only been going for a few years). What with Gamu and the visas, the never-ending saga of Katie Waissel refusing to leave the show, and now Mary being voted off by the judges, it's been non-stop calls to Ofcom. The latest saga has been provoked by the judges being given the power to decide who goes through to the finals - up until now, the decision has been made solely by the voting public.

However, speaking on the Xtra Factor, Mary was a gracious loser, saying, 'How many women at the age of 51 can say they made it to the semi finals of the X factor, the biggest show in the UK. I didn’t think I’d even get past the audition and to be here is one of the most beautiful feelings and I’m happy where I got to, I really am. It is a young persons show, I’ve said it from the beginning and I didn’t think I’d get here but thank god I did.'

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