'Fishing's brill' says GA's Sarah

Girls Aloud have been on hiatus for as long as we remember, and the enforced holiday seems to be getting to the girls. While Cheryl is forging a career as a world-wide megastar, the other ladies have their feet planted on terra firma. Sarah Harding in particular has shunned the high-life for fishing.

Sarah told The Sun, 'Me and Tommy love it. We're getting pretty good at it too. The first time we went out, we didn't catch anything so we went out the following day at the crack of dawn. We got up at 4.30 to get out at first light. We were there for hours but it paid off. It was brilliant. I've had a few big ones now. One recently was huge, I didn't know what was on the end of the line at first - it was massive but it got away.'

So, Sarah, how many varieties of fish can you name? 'There are so many different types. It's hard to remember their names so we've bought a few books.' Fascinating stuff...come on Girls Aloud, reform and resist the lure of Morris dancing and philology.

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