First the charts, now THE WORLD

The Susan Boyle behemoth just keeps on rolling: not only is she crashing and smashing her way through charts the world over, she’s about to crack the high-brow world of opera. Sort of.

SuBo, who is fast becoming a bona fide national treasure in the style of another porky middle aged woman that goes by the name of Dawn French, is due to sing with the opera legend Andrea Bocelli (who is a man, despite his girl’s name) on a rubbish new show called Pop Star to Opera Star (shown on ITV1, obviously) after bashing him all over the place in the Christmas album charts.

Fifty one year old Bocelli is a record selling machine who has shifted 70million albums over the course of his career and who had been a mentor on American Idol, but he couldn’t dislodge Britain’s reality queen from the top of the Billboard charts with his latest effort My Christmas.

‘Susan has held Andrea off the top of the US charts for weeks - it's incredible,’ said a source who’s more than likely his PR to The Sun. ‘But he holds no grudges - he joked that he “must sing with this amazing woman”.’

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