Firing blanks

Hold the phones: only last week Alex Reid slyly let on that his Reid-inating skills were alive and kicking. Asked if his sex ban (before fights) would affect his and Jordan's chance of conceiving, he cryptically replied, 'it doesn't matter' leading the tabloids to believe she was already in the family way. However, fresh chatterboxing suggests that Alex may be firing blanks and that Jordan is already consulting fertility specialists. We bet Alex is chuffed with the News of The World for revealing that personal nugget of info...

A so called 'friend' of the pair fills us in: 'Katie and Alex really want a child to cement their relationship. But he's had a problem with a low sperm count and it is proving difficult for Katie to conceive.They've been practising a lot but it appears Alex is firing blanks, so Katie has turned to IVF to help make it happen.'

So, baby number four may take a little longer, but it will get there in the end. Phew.

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