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For seven decades, give or take, our attitude to TV entertainment was essentially passive. It was a case of grabbing the remote and the TV Guide and seeing what was on. That has changed in recent years. Now we decide what we want to watch, locate it and view at our convenience.

Google search

With so much content available though, it makes sense to ensure that our viewing matches our tastes and interests. Applying the same search criteria and filters that we would use on a Google search, it’s now possible to find exactly what we want online.


The Stumbleupon site already allows searches to focus on the user’s interests and tastes, to filter off content that is not relevant or interesting to them. If only a similar process could speed up our searches for entertainment...


The videOMG social network can do just that with its function that allows users to search their favourite sources within a particular category. Sources now go far beyond the usual TV networks or movie studios.


YouTube, for example, is no longer just a resource for viral videos, sports clips or embarrassing home movies. Instead it can be used as an outlet for obscure or independent films, provocative documentaries and great music concerts. Similar channels like Movieclips, Maker Studios and Machinima bring over 3 billion new examples of fresh video content online every month.

Your videOMG function can keep you informed on what is new in your chosen categories or from your favourite sources, ensuring a steady stream of relevant and original content to suit your tastes.

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