Find a sofa that best suits your needs

While this blog will deal primarily with leather sofas a few simple ground rules are definitely necessary. The first thing to think about when choosing a sofa is where it will eventually be place in your room- size is of paramount importance. It's also a good, if obvious, idea to think long and hard about colour before you head out- shop assistants are a deliberately confusing lot!

Sofas are very expensive, and you really don't want to make a mistake as replacing it will not be cheap! That's where material comes into play. You can settle for a regularly upholstered piece- see the next blog post for more on that- but they don't wear as well as the alternative. High-quality leather sofas, while expensive, last much longer than regular upholstered sofas. However, buying a leather couch can be tricky so if you don't want to be taken for a proverbial ride than read on!

Try to learn a bit about leather before you head out shopping. The different grades of leather are an important first piece of knowledge- while full-grain aniline leather (aniline leather has been soaked in aniline dye, with no other finishes or dyes applied, while semi-aniline has a little coating or pigment to protect against fading and stains. Pigmented leather, made from lesser-grade hides and fully treated with surface colour, may be stiffer but offers protection against scratches, fading and stains) sofas are the softest and best choice they are also the most expensive; the top-grain leather is sanded off and processed for a uniform look. If you can afford it, avoid split-grain leathers, which are taken from the lower surfaces of the hide and are notoriously weaker.

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