Finally : Sienna dumps Rhys

Looks like Rhys Ifans wasn't just a cuddly, scruffy misfit afterall. He was Special Inspector Ifans and his self appointed mission in life was to keep tabs on Sienna.

So Sienna called Rhys from Prague last weekend and finally gave him the boot, after months of silently coping with Rhys's raging jealousy in order to keep her family quiet - all of whom were peculiarly fond of the comic Welshman. Being with Ifans was like 'having a spotlight shone on my face' said Sienna.

Sienna had been 'under investigation' by Ifans, ever since being papped hanging about with Matthew Rhys, another Welshman - and the one she dumped for Rhys a year ago. Inspector Rhys got wind of the 'friendship' after reading Sienna's text messages, and as such sat her down in a dimly lit interrogation suite and grilled her for hours. By the time the suspect was released, exhausted from swearing her innocence under oath, and by now not liking the sour turn Rhys's 'lovable misfit' routine had taken, Ifans had banged a nail in his own coffin. Nothing more offputting than a jealous man.

Sienna and Rhys - as believable together as Michael Jackson and the nurse he artificially inseminated and married that time, or less?

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