Film's Arrested Development

Seeing as it’s long been cancelled and any repeats were buried at lonely psychos O’clock after Match of the Day 2, there’s a fair chance that you’ve not heard of Arrested Development, the supremely silly and very, very funny American sitcom that should be up there alongside Seinfeld and The Larry Sanders Show in their best comic exports. It shall never be, unfortunately.

However, despite all that, anyone who still wants a fix of the Bluth family may still get their wish. Contrary to doom and gloom mongerers, a film version could still be on the cards, according to none other than series star Jason Bateman AKA Michael Bluth.

‘It is not dead. There is no reason to think that it is dead,’ he said to Slashfilm, talking about a screenplay from creator Mitch Hurwitz. ‘It could be as early as the next six months or as late as 18. Mitch hasn’t told me what he has in mind. As fans of the show know, you can look at the very last scene of the last episode, which kind of dovetails into what the film could be.

'Maybe pitches to Ron Howard the idea about making a show about the family. He says, 'No, that wouldn’t work, but maybe a movie'. Read into that what you will.’ A film? Please let it be so.

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