'Fights drove us apart'

Formerly 'loves young (Welsh) dream', now sadly torn asunder - we still can't come to terms with the end of 'Gav n Char'. Alas, in an interview at the weekend, Gavin, being all mature and sombre, crushed any hopes (alright, our hopes) that the pair would reunite.

Gavin told The Mirror, 'It's no secret that weren't getting on. But we didn't want to drag it on for another couple of years. I couldn't have the children being five or six years old and crying because we were arguing. I wouldn't want to tear the family apart then. That's horrible. I thought we were going to be together forever. We loved each other, but weren't good for each other.'

Is it just us, or is Gavin beginning to sound as if he's reading from a Mills and Boon script? Not that we're complaining, it's all highly dramatic...

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