Fight! Fight! Fight!

The X-Factor final is this weekend (13 Dec) and although everyman, more accurately everywoman and her dog, will be watching the ITV1 PR machine is showing no signs of letting up steam. This time it’s been reported that Olly Murs and Danyl Johnson aren’t talking to each other after a bust up in the X-Factor house.

According to The Sunday Mirror, things got out of hand between the duo a few weeks ago over their joint mentor Simon Cowell and which of them is his favourite.

‘The argument got so bad the others were convinced they were about to have a punch-up - they squared up to each other. But Jamie quickly calmed Danyl down before it could get out of hand’, reports the newspaper's source.

‘Things have been unbearable ever since. The atmosphere is frosty. Danyl and Olly appear as if they get on for X-Factor duties but really they can't stand each other. They don't speak and they've made it clear they won't stay in contact.’

Sadly, there won’t be a chance of a rematch anytime soon because X-Factor reject Danyl failed to make the forthcoming final after being voted off on Sunday's (6 Dec) results show, where Cowell called him a 'graceful loser'. Olly wins on points.

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