Fielder-Civil looks for £6m payout from Winehouse

Blake Fielder-Civil is allegedly looking for a payout of £6m from Amy Winehouse in the aftermath of the couple's divorce earlier this week. The truth merchants at The Sun report that Fielder-Civil is looking for the money because he was the inspiration behind his ex-wife's hit album Back to Black.

However, the tabloid claims that the 25-year-old singer has told close friends that her jailbird ex-hubby will not see a penny of her estimated £10m fortune. Fielder-Civil has six weeks to hammer out a settlement with Winehouse before the Decree Absolute is given, putting the final nail in the couple's turbulent marriage.

An unnamed source told The Sun that that Winehouse wants to get back to St Lucia and move on with her life as quickly as possible: "Amy's distraught because she hopes to get back to St Lucia and move on with a new phase of her life but doesn't think Blake will go quietly. Blake's family don't want him to ask for money but he hasn't given up on a hefty payday."

"He thinks he was a big part of her success with Back To Black and deserves money for what he put up with. Amy is furious and doesn't want to negotiate. But she's happy for his outrageous demands to be made public because she wants to show him up."

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