Fergie's 'panic attack' on Oprah

After Fergie was caught by the News of the World's famous undercover sheikh, willing to flog access to Prince Andy for a hefty wodge of cash, there was only one option left to her - that's right, a nice cosy chat with Aunty Oprah, and her billions of viewers. And the spectacle didn't disappoint, there were cringy moments galore.

The interview started promisingly, with Fergie threatening to meltdown on air, 'I can go into hyperventilation and a panic attack right now.' Oprah firmly told the ex-royal to 'try not to.' Fergie soon got a grip, but it was when talk turned to the incriminating video that we got some vintage moments. Watching the clip, Fergie said, 'I feel sorry for her, bless her. I feel really sorry. She looks exhausted. Sad really.' Who? Herself of course - using the classic therapy third-person, beloved of Hollywood celebs.

She continued, 'I suffered from self-hatred and chronic abuse of myself from an early age. I'd tried to be perfect for 25 years or even longer, I tried to do everything right and little Sarah got lost along the way.'

Let's hope that 'little Sarah' finds her way back, and manages to avoid any journos in disguise on the journey...

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