Fergie, a wanted woman

In what could be the most made up sounding headline since the Free Deirdre Rashid campaign in Corrie a few years back, Fergie, the Duchess of York is wanted by the Turkish police.

The Royal is being chased by Turkish officials over a documentary she and daughter Eugenie made about Turkish orphanages. In the doc, for ITV's Tonight programme, Fergie disguised herself with a headscarf and black hair and reportedly recorded horrifying images of children being chained to their beds. Well the law in Turkey doesn't allow for people unearthing unpalatable things about the welfare system, even less if they put them in the public domain. The maximum punishment for Fergie's offence is 4 and a half years and Turkish officials have apparently let it be known just how serious they are in pursuing action. (See link below.)

Although a Royal being hunted by Turkish cops makes for a great headline, could it really come to that? And even if it did, surely ITN have a moral obligation to step in and save Fergie from her fate? After all they'll likely scoop up some great ratings on the back of it....

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