Feltz for Radio 2

How much of the media coverage for this will rake-up her breakdown in front of the nation on Big Brother? Most likely almost all of them, so we shall stay well clear of such lazy and irrelevant points.

Vanessa Feltz has landed one of the highest profile radio jobs in UK, the gutsy non-nonsense presenter will be the warm-up act for Chris Evans on Radio 2. Feltz, who will continue to be the host of the Sony Gold Award winning daily show on BBC London 94.9 will from January 17th present the early breakfast show at the big 2 Monday-Friday 5am-6.30am.

Talking about her new job, an excited Feltz said; ‘I'm overjoyed to be joining the UK's most listened-to network as I'm a huge fan of Radio 2 - home of many of the country's most beloved presenters. I'm utterly thrilled to be handing over to Chris Evans every morning - it's my idea of the perfect start to the day.’

We wish her all the best, a daily breakdown or not.

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