Feeling Green

Any time we get something wrong with us, the first thing we do is rush to Google or NHS Direct to diagnose ourselves. Usually we find out that we’ve got cancer, or AIDS, and slip into deep black abyss of existential angst, terrified of the void that awaits our certain death. Turns out after seeing the doctor that we’ve got a heavy cold, but you can never be too careful.

So we’re happy to report that Brit-rap star Professor Green is exactly like us in this regard: a complete hypochondriac, and it only got worse after a testicular cancer scare last month. The lesson is: you’re probably all right, so stop worrying.

‘Google is not my friend,' he said. 'I'm always looking up symptoms and it always brings up the worst diseases. I could sit in front of a laptop all day diagnosing myself. The star admits he's got worse after his testicular cancer scare last month.

‘I've always been a hypochondriac but it's getting out of hand. I get a headache and think I have a brain tumour. Every time there is anything wrong with me, I panic. I also get really bad sleep paralysis, which is horrible. It freaks me out.’

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