Fears for SuBo

Susan Boyle’s brother is worried for his superstar sister’s safety after she came home from recording the Haiti charity single to find an intruder standing on her stairs on Tuesday night. During Christmas she also spotted strangers looking through her back window, and now he worries that his sister could be killed by a crazed fan.

‘I am very upset about the lack of security,’ said John Boyle to The Sun. ‘Her management company are too busy counting the money Susan has made them to consider her safety. The family have told them several times that vast improvements need to be made to avoid something like this happening.

‘This it the second time something has happened to Susan at her home and it is extremely worrying. Susan is a massive world star and needs better protection. You look at what happened to John Lennon in New York - it's really worrying.’

Meanwhile SuBo herself was playing down the threat of murder by a crazed fan, Mark Chapman style, and she steadfastly refused to leave her council house in Blackburn, West Lothian.

‘I'm not going anywhere - nobody's pushing me out of my house. I'm absolutely fine but it was very concerning for everyone. I think he got more of a scare than I did because he ran off. The matter is in hand. The police have been excellent.’

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