Fears for Jedward's Euro hopes

Jedward's Eurovision hopes have been dealt a crushing blow after the news that British fans have been banned from voting for the Irish pair in the semi-finals. This means that the grusome twosome can only garner votes from countries where they will probably have never heard the name Jedward - meaning that they will be voting on merit. Three words which will surely spell doom for John and Edward.

A source close to the Jedward camp told The Sun, 'The boys were banking on a high score from Britain, but now they will have to rely on support from other countries. What they will make of them is hard to say - after all they are not great singers or dancers.' Yes, we'd say that's a massive understatement. The insider went on to reveal, with crushing obviousness, 'This could be the end of their Eurovision dream.'

Jedward's semi-final takes place on May 12 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

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