Fearne Cottons on

There must be something in the eggnog, because two whole celebrities today have talked about wanting to have a bebe. Egg, get it...

Before we crack any more dreadful puns, here's the story: Fearne Cotton is broody. Just like Kylie who has admitted that Danni's bundle of joy has made her clucky, Fearne has been getting a touch of the green eyed monster over her friend Holly Willoughby's little one.

'I was obscenely jealous throughout Holly’s pregnancy, but exploded with it when Harry actually arrived,' she tells Cosmopolitan. 'I’m unbelievably broody at the moment. I’m 30 next year and part of me is ready, but part of me feels not grown-up enough.'

Why do we feel we've heard this before? Maybe because celebs love nothing better than to work up their fans with the old 'maybe baby' chat. We'll believe it when we see a carefully concealed red carpet bump Fearne...

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