F-bomb hits Film 2010

Claudia Winkleman has been getting fair to middling reviews after taking over the helm at Film 2010, and now she's got her first bit of controversery (though, to be honest it's not that controversial) after a technical slip-up meant that a backstage member was overheard saying some rude words live on telly.

According to The Daily Mail, 'A woman with a Geordie accent' - um, we're not sure what exactly that has to do with the story, but nevermind - said, '...Oh, are you scared of his fans? And it's like, No! I couldn't give a f*** about a load of...' After a stunned silence, poor Claudia was forced to apologise, saying, 'Before we review this film can I just say I'm really sorry, because I think there was a technical difficulty at the top of the show and you might have heard stuff and I apologise if there was. If you didn't, just ignore what I just said.'

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