Fashion Wars

Last year's XFactor was a constant delight in the fashion stakes. Every time the ridiculously large doors would part, we would sigh, swoon and make catty remarks to our hearts content. Remember Cheryl's DIY dress, constructed entirely from strange metallic circles? Let's be honest, the fashion battle between Chezza and Dannii is an integral part of the show's success. And it looks like this year, Dannii has conceded an early victory to Cheryl.

Dannii told The Sun, 'Last year at this time I had pretty much organised every outfit, but this time I am only just starting to get stuff together and we are only a couple of weeks away. I am completely unorganised so I will be excited if I get out with a frock on the right way and I haven't got my shoes on my head.'

Dannii also underlined the importance of not going on a post-preggers celeb crash diet, 'You can only do the best you can do and I have not been crazy about losing the baby weight because it is just important for me to concentrate on being a good mum right now.'

So is this Dannii admitting defeat, or some fiendishly clever reverse psychology, where she pretends to be unprepared but then slays Cheryl with some killer Jonathan Saunders and Erdem? Hmm...

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