Fashion out of pocket

It seems the writers’ strike is going to have more of a widespread effect than was previously thought. Already crippling Hollywood, the next place to be hit by the strike are the fashion houses of Paris and Milan. Like they’re short of dosh, right?

Designers are set to lose millions of dollars because there will be no A-Listers sashaying down the red carpet clad in their dazzling gowns – the best PR a fashion house can get. That’s right. A five-minute clip of Beyonce at the Oscars is worth a thousand posters – and there are no campaign costs.

Valentino said that if a winner wears one of his dresses, he can rake in a whopping $25million. Chanel also reports that dressing Nicole Kidman in 2002 got them $10million in sales.

Well, that’s certainly a lot of dosh to lose! Oh those pesky writers!  The designers are going to have to find other ways to flog a meter of cloth for thousands of pounds…

(Image: from Joe Shlabotnik’s flickr stream)

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