Fashion designer Mark Jacobs accidentally posts image of his penis on Instagram

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Fashion designer Marc Jacobs let fans see a little more of him than he wanted when he accidentally posted a photo of his penis to Instagram. He quickly took steps to rectify his mistake by deleting the image but not before fans were able to take screengrabs which are currently doing the rounds the internet.

Jacobs was attempting to share a selfie of his behind from a side profile where the camera managed to catch a glimpse of the tip of his penis also. He then went to send it but accidentally posted the photo for the world to see with the accompanying message "It's yours to try!".

52 year old Jacobs has never really been shy about showing off his body and he rarely misses an opportunity to show some skin his toned physique when the sun is out. However, it seems that this is a part of his body that he genuinely was not looking to share with the world as evidenced by him quickly deleting once he realised he has not sent it privately.

That leaves the question, who was the cheeky picture intended for and did Jacobs mean to deliver it to via Direct Message or another medium. It would be wise in future to check where your message is going in cyberspace when sexting a potential lover Mr. Jacobs.

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