Farmer tells Rihanna to get her kit on

Pop star Rihanna was ordered to get her kit on by a scandalised farmer during the video shoot for her forthcoming single 'We Found Love'.

Reports suggest that the Barbadian beauty was filming a racy sequence on Alan Graham's land near Bangor in Northern Ireland when the 61-year-old farmer stepped in and told the singer to cover up.

The shoot took place close to a busy road and Rihanna's strip from a long dress down to her smalls attracted the attention of a large number of locals.

It appears that is when Graham stepped in and politely asked for filming to be stopped much to the dismay of the local teenage male population.

'I felt things were becoming inappropriate,' Graham told the BBC. 'The issue was that I felt that Rihanna was in more state of undress than a bikini top.'

Graham, who described himself as a devout Christian and member of the Democratic Unionist Party, said that there were no complaints from Rihanna and her team.

'She understood where I was coming from. We shook hands and parted company on good terms,' the farmer told The Telegraph.

Graham added that he had agreed to allow one of his fields to be used for filming but was unaware of the nature of the shoot beforehand.

'I didn't object to the filming for the most part of the afternoon it was only when they moved for five or ten minutes into the lower field when I felt things were getting inappropriate.'

The farmer added: 'If someone wants to borrow my field and things become inappropriate, then I say: Enough is enough. You are not entitled to do that.'

The 61-year-old, who is currently having his 15 minutes of fame, admitted that he had never of heard of Rihanna before yesterday's shoot.

'Someone explained she was as big as it gets as far as pop stars were concerned. I am a bit illiterate about those issues.'

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