Fans smell an X Factor rat

The new X Factor ensemble gathered yesterday to hear the first auditions from a bunch of deranged, desperate and in some small cases ridiculously talented wannabes. Of course, no one was actually interested in Kelly, Tulisa, Gary and Louis's views on discovering talent, rather, what they thought about Cheryl-gate...

Gary told The Daily Mail, 'I’ve spoken to her and I think she has turned a corner now. I would say she is going places. I’m sad that she’s gone, but do you know what, she will move on to something else. I know Cheryl quite well and she is an ambitious girl, she’s very together and she’ll get over this no question.’

Meanwhile, in chat forums up and down the land, some conspiracy theorist types are starting to smell a rat, accusing X Factor of a PR stunt, whereby Cheryl will be brought back to the show mid-way through the series, ensuring mass hysteria. One 'Nigel' wrote on Twitter, ‘Am I the only one who has twigged that the whole Cole X Factor carry on is one massive PR stunt?’ Answers on a postcard please.

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