Fans accuse The Chase of being fixed

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The ITV game show, The Chase, has once again been accused of being fixed. This hit UK quiz show involves contestants going head to head with a professional quizzer who is referred to as the “chaser”. After they individually face the chaser in hopes of adding to the team cash builder, they then come together as a group to try and outrun the chaser and answer more questions than them in the same amount of time.

But Wednesday’s episode saw die-hard fans give out about the show on Twitter. They claimed that during the final chase when chaser Mark Labbett, also known as The Beast, was answering questions, the countdown clock seemed to freeze on 10 seconds. Some claim this gave him an advantage, but at the end of the day the 4 contestants still walked away with £27,000 between them.

Mark Labbett though took to twitter and explained that it was simply an editing problem. He tweeted, “It was a pick up or re-record of a garbled question. Normally the editing is seamless but not on that one.”

A spokesperson for the show told OK!Online that "There was an error on the clock on last night's episode of the Chase. This error happened during the editing process and not in the studio when the show was being recorded so could not have affected the outcome in any way."

In March fans also accused the show of being fixed when it appeared that the chaser, Anne Hegerty, was receiving much easier questions than the contestants. Bradley Walsh who hosts the show, has in the past been accused of reading the questions faster to the chaser than to the contestants. In the final chase each contestant has to buzz in, have their name called and have Bradley tell them their answer is correct before moving on to the next question. The chaser only has to say the answer and wait for Bradley’s respond before moving on.

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