Family Guy: Brian Griffin Killed Off

Last night’s episode of Family Guy season 12 saw the end of major character Brian Griffin, which was either a really obvious attempt at grabbing rating or a two finger salute to fans who have stuck with the show for 11 series and a total of 216 episodes.

Although he’s appeared in every episode of the hit US show and been a main character throughout the series’ run, Brian was killed off without too much drama, being disposed of in the same sort of trivial manner that incidental characters in one of the show’s flashback sequences.

The show’s executive producer, Steve Callaghan said getting rid of Brian was a “fun way to shake things up” but anyone who saw it would have agreed that it was a pretty desperate act for a show that launched the career of creator Seth MacFarlane.

The show’s creator has gone onto make the movie Ted, which he directed, co-produced and wrote, and has a second movie in the works called A Million Ways to Die in the West, so no wonder he said, “Part of me thinks that Family Guy should have already ended. I think seven seasons is about the right lifespan for a TV series,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Some fans believe that killing off Brian was an act of sabotage from a creator wanting to be freed of the responsibility to create more Family Guy episodes. Unfortunately for Seth MacFarlane, the opposite will probably become true as killing off a central character’s generated a lot of attention for the show. Family Guy appeals to its fans partly because it doesn’t follow convention and it does its own thing, so surely this latest controversy will just fuel the fans interest in the show and perhaps bring back a few who thought it was past its best.

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