Fame game ruins lives

Many a celebrity marriage has been cursed by that 'lil 'ol thing called fame. One celeb gets more of it than the other and the rot soon sets in - how else to explain the the Gavalotte split? Well, aside from garden variety reasons such as 'just not being that into each other any more', the Daily Mail blames it on Gavin's jealousy at Charlotte's burgeoning fame. A cliche prone 'friend' elaborates:

'Charlotte and Gavin have always had jealous rows, but they've become worse in the last six months. He couldn't accept that her career has taken off again, while his is on hold. All he did was dictate his opinions and criticise her being too thin and looking tired. In the end Charlotte snapped and told him she wouldn't take his crap anymore.' Gavin was dragging Charlotte down when everyone else was applauding her. She worked her socks off to get back on top. They have two beautiful children and an amazing life, but all he seemed to do was sulk because she brought in more money than he did. Their engagement was her entertaining a fantasy before their relationship died. All the trust and support was gone.'

Two things - Charlotte was pretty famous before she got with Gavin, so that doesn't wash, and the 'weight loss as a reason for split card' - (fat, thin, you can't win) doesn't convince either. We think Charlotte simply got fed-up of life with a chest-hair-free man. It happens.

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