Fake Charlie Charlie Challenge Challenge was viral campaign promoting new film

  • @ClassicHorrorTV - Twitter

The Charlie Charlie Challenge that had everybody so worked up last week has turned out to be fake and a marketing ploy for an upcoming film. It was all part of promoting upcoming Warner Brothers' horror flick The Gallows and the fact that it went viral will help the box office numbers significantly.

The game, which is Ouija board-esque, claimed to offer players the chance to communicate with a demon named Charlie who you can ask yes or no questions to. This is done by placing one pencil on top of another in the shape of a cross and seeing whether the top pencil lands on Yes or No after you ask the question "Charlie, Charlie are you here?"

A post appeared on the Twitter account for The Gallows with a teaser trailer for which includes a girl playing the game before being dragged down some stairs in dramatic fashion. The tweet includes the message "Don't say his name. #CharlieChallenge #TheGallows" revealing the game was contrived to drum up interest in the film.

The Gallows will be released on July 10th and stars Cassidy Gifford and Pfeifer Brown. It remains to be seen where the Charlie Charlie Challenge fits into the plot but the movie is shot in the style of a found footage film and follows a group of teenage school kids who decide to honour a dead friend by reenacting a play he tragically died in called The Gallows.

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