Fake Britney

Life in the public eye can sometimes get a little bit much. So, to get a much-needed respite from the prying eyes of the media, stars send out decoys and peacefully go about their daily lives. But in an unusual twist, two Australian DJs decided that for attention-grabber Britney Spears, whether she liked it or not, they would be the newly appointed distraction…

The pair of DJs, Kyle and Jacki O, who were in LA reporting on the Grammys, drove around Hollywood in a black escalade with their fake Britney covered in blankets in the back of the car. Then in true Britney style, they drove into Burger King and got a bite to eat – meanwhile the paps were going wild trying to get a picture of “Miss Spears”.

Silly paparazzi. Although this wasn’t a decoy employed by the pop-princess, they should have some idea when they see a real decoy, if you see what we mean. For people spending all their time following Britney around, haven’t they noticed that she never hides under blankets? She seems to court the publicity!

This just confirms what we’ve always suspected – the paparazzi are definitely not as bright as their flashbulbs…

(Image: from YouTube)

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