Faintgate: the truth

When Gillian McKeith fainted for the first time on 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here', a nation was united in sympathy, and a desire to get the TV 'Doc' to participate in more humiliating tasks. However, when our Gill passed out for the second, third and fourth times, in order to avoid eating kangaroo's unmentionables, something was up. Oscars and Baftas were discussed. Now Gillian's jungle team-mate Alison Hammond has given an interview where she discusses 'Faint-gate', and lets slip that they were most likely (gasp) faked.

Alison told The Daily Mail, 'I'm not an uncaring person, but it was hard not to giggle when Gillian fainted. I was so pleased because it meant we were going to eat. But when I told her afterwards that I was glad she fainted, she just said, 'I had to'. If you want to call that faking it, then so be it.'

She continues, 'I believed Gillian when she said she couldn't work the digger. I also believed that she had a phobia of bugs, but now I'm out and talking to people, I'm starting to think differently about her. It seems like things she did were premeditated. Gillian's daughters knew the Jungle Gill song before she even sang it on the show, yet she said she made it up as she went along. She also knew to hide seasoning in her pants, yet she claimed she'd never seen the show before.'

And in one fell swoop, Alison solves Faintgate, and ushers in the equally exciting era of Pantsgate...

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