'Factor in some niceness' orders Cowell

The season of Simon Cowell is fast approaching, with XFactor starting this weekend - in fact it would probably be easier to update the calender, renaming Autumn and Winter 'the epoch of Cowell'. And to mark the start of XFactor, Simon has become chatty. He has let it be known that he wants all bitchery between the judges to cease. Bor-ing.

Simon told The Sun, 'Sometimes we've gotten into the habit - and obviously I'm partly responsible for this - of judges' personalities being talked about more than the contestants. The judges are there for their opinions.'

And Cowell was equally forthright on finding the next star, 'The reason we call the show the X Factor is it's more than just a singing voice. If it were only a singing voice we could just as easily make a show where contestants send in tapes and we listen to the voices. All great artists have that steel in their eyes - it's charisma, personality, being unique, entertaining, all those things rolled into one.'

Let's hope the next XFactor hopefuls are more Leona than Leon...

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