Facebook film + Justin Timberlake = $$$$$

Look! Over there! It’s a Zeitgeist that needs capturing! I know, let’s make a film about the world’s largest social networking site, but instead of focusing on boring people typing boring status updates from their boring lives, why not do a film about the founders of Facebook drinking, partying and getting their ends away with hot chicks? (this is the voice of producer Kevin Spacey - Ed)

Good idea. Let’s hire Justin Timberlake to play an implausibly good looking version of co-founder Sean Parker and base it on Ben Mezrich’s book The Accidental Billionaires: Sex, Money and the Founding of Facebook (This is the voice of Fight Club director David Fincher - Ed). Also, we’ll call it The Social Network and send internet news sources delirious at the number of hits this story will generate.

Ok, enough of that dumb role play. We don’t know when the film is coming out, but if Script Shadow’s review of the script is reliable then it should be a corker. Keep ‘em peeled people.

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