Extra gravy and a double helping of 'Glee' please, SuBo

We wonder, when SuBo dreamed her now world-famous dream, whether it involved being hired to play a dinner-lady on a hit US TV show? Perhaps it did - who knows what our Susan dreams about. Well her hypothetical musings could come true, as apparently Glee producers are keen to bring the chanteuse on board.

Glee's Ryan Murphey told the Daily Mail, 'I have two words for you: Lunch. Lady. I think Kurt [played by Chris Colfer] would just die to give her a Christmas make-over. I don't even know if she's interested, but it's been pitched.'

Lunch lady? Hmm, if we didn't know better, we might think that the cameo may slightly mock our SuBo - but we'll reserve judgement. One things for sure - she'll look great in a tabard...

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