Explosive soap Christmas in store

Look out for some serious TV fireworks this Christmas as big plotlines in Coronation Street and EastEnders reach payoff time. Don’t worry, we won’t give away the details – but illicit liaisons feature rather largely (well what would you expect?)

In the East London corner, fighting out of Walford, it’s the Max and Stacey show – how long can they keep things under wraps? And all the way from Weatherfield comes Corrie’s brilliant Rosie-and-John teacher-student iffiness, which is surely going to blow up at some point.

On the other hand Corrie’s writers are past masters of the slow-burn plotline that keeps you guessing for months or even years – we thought David Platt’s canal trick would wrap up that whole story, but not a bit of it. So come Christmas we’ll still be glued to the screen…

(Image: from rothwb’s Flickr stream)

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