Chris Brown has claimed that American chat show Good Morning America exploited him when he appeared for an interview on Monday .

The R&B singer, who became notorious for beating Rihanna to a pulp in a jealous rage, said that the show ignored the talking point sheet that his PRs had sent out to them, and it threw him. Afterwards he smashed a backstage window in a fury.

‘I want to apologise to anybody who was startled in the office, or anybody who was offended,’ said Brown to the US B.E.T. ‘I'm disappointed in the way I acted, I got very emotional. And I apologise for acting like that.

‘When I do interviews, we always send out a talking point sheet,’ he said. ‘As the interview proceeded it was thrown off. I was thrown off by it. I felt like they told us this just so they could get us on the show so they can exploit me.’

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