Exploitative trash

Now, we’ve heard of exploitative reality shows in our time – that one where people had to rummage around in rubbish in the hope of becoming Pete Burns’ assistant, anyone? – but surely we have seen a nadir that can never be beaten when Dragon’s Den’s Duncan Bannatyne is putting some tramps through their paces in order to have a job with the misery guts? We have, right?

Twelve homeless people will take part in Homeless Hotel, where they will be ‘put through their paces’ by the entrepreneur, performing a series of tasks that will lead to one of them having a job. The show apparently intends to help give homeless people their self-respect back by getting them off the streets and into work, but only one of them will have a job at the end of it, and presumably the others will be back on the streets straight away (we’re also assuming that most homeless people don’t have a TV to watch the show on). It’s capitalism in action, people! Shape up or you’re back on the scrap heap!

‘Reality shows have tackled everything under the sun but no one has thought of doing something like this,’ said a show insider. ‘Some people might think the concept is exploitation but it's no different to any other similar show. The only difference here is that the people taking part have nowhere to live.

‘We're not going to be scooping tramps off the street and laughing at them trying to adjust. It's a serious programme where the contestants will all be people who have got themselves into an unfortunate situation and are desperate to work their way out of it.’

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