Expecting again?

There's only one story which generates more media chatter than a new Beckham haircut, and that's a new Beckham baby. Which might explain why Australian magazine 'Famous' (love the title) is running a 'Posh is pregnant' story on their front cover. It's the circulation equivalent of er, lots of sales.

The splash promises to answer some crucial questions. Like why Posh and Becks 'waited so long' to have another baby (strange, we thought they'd been popping them out at fairly regular intervals). There's also something about a mysterious 'pact inside their marriage'. Gulp, sounds serious.

Camp Beckham has denied the rumours. But a magazine of such standing would unlikely run the story unless it was based on absolute truth. So congrats Posh n Becks (do we still call them that?) on the long awaited 4th addition to Britain's royal family!

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