Remember Pete Waterman? Thought not. Well, before the world dominating telly show called The X-Factor existed there was a small and modest singing contest called Pop Idol which featured a series of talent spotting judges: one of them was Pete. Simon Cowell put the kybosh on Pop Idol because he couldn't secure the rights to it, turning his attentions instead to the X Factor, where he could.

Not bitter at all, Pete Waterman has made some scathing comments about this weekend’s highly anticipated final, and shed some light on why he won’t be watching it:

‘Will any of them have the elusive X Factor? Absolutely not. And I can promise you another thing - when the interminable farrago of karaoke wailing and crooning is over for another series, we'll barely hear a peep out of this year's winner again. So if you were to ask me who the real X Factor superstar is - the most enduring, unforgettable personality of the show's entire series - I'd have no hesitation in telling you. It's Simon Cowell.’

Finishing on a lighter note Pete added: ‘So whoever wins on Saturday - whether it be Olly, Joe or East London's sweet-voiced Stacey - they'll be permitted to release their album. Then they'll retreat into musical oblivion.’

Musical oblivion? Unlike any of your Eurobeat no-hopers from the Stoke, Aitken & Waterman then?

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