Ex X-Factor star to fight for Chezza's love

It seems that the nation's sickly sweetheart is a sensual assault on all of man's senses. Ex X-Factor contestant and loser of the 2009 X-Factor competition, Olly Murs, reveals that Cheryl smells fantastic and that he plans to make a move on her when she returns to the UK.

Olly lost out in the last round of the X-Factor to Cheryl's mentee Joe McElderry, but not before copping a load of the petite princess who once caught him napping back-stage: 'I opened my eyes and there’s Cheryl looking at me. 'Hi Olly.' I was like, 'Seriously, is there anyone else in the room? Just lock the door!', he reveals.

Meanwhile, malaria-stricken Cheryl has been out for her first night on the tiles since she recovered from catching the deadly disease. She went for a steak with her best friend 'dancing Dezza', who, some some chatterboxes insist, she is secretly seeing. (We think it's a cunning ruse and she's actually seeing, er, noone.) Anyway, who knows what Derek ended up smelling that evening...Cheryl's Chanel no.5 or some steak a la carte?

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