Ex Factor?

Now that prickly pop svengali Simon Cowell and the nation’s sweetheart Cheryl Cole have departed from the X Factor, many are marking it for a swift and brutal decline: the whole point of the show is to identify with the judges and laugh at the jokers who try their luck in the early rounds, so now that they’re gone, what’s left? Certainly not the music, that’s for darn-tootin’ sure.

Anyway even pop heavyweight Will.i.am is in agreement that neither of them can be replaced, especially his unrequited love Chezza. As far as he is concerned the people replacing them will have to be very big names indeed. And he’s right. Fingers crossed it all collapses.

‘I don't think there is much doubt that Simon and Cheryl are the main two guys,’ he said. ‘Simon is the glue that holds everything together and people love to watch him, and Cheryl is like a queen in the UK. They are both irreplaceable. I am sure their replacements on the show are going to be big names and, to be honest, they will have to be.

‘I don't think there is another female out there who can do what she does on the show. She is one of a kind. I think the UK show can still be really fun but I don't see how it can be the same without the two most-loved judges.’

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