Ex Factor

The ex-boyfriend of Katie Waissel has revealed how she cold-heartedly dumped him only days after claiming that nothing had gone on with her and Matt Cardle, and even worse, betrayed him after he encouraged her to stay on the X Factor as she was on the verge of quitting. Bet he regrets that mistake now.

Waissel told Simeon Taylor that she wanted to quit the show after Cheryl Cole called her a ‘drama queen’ and the public turned on her, but Taylor did the right thing and supported his girlfriend’s decision. Then she was caught in bed with Cardle, and only a short while later chucked him – oh dear.

‘Katie was distraught about how people saw her,’said Taylor to the Mirror. ‘She didn't expect she would experience any backlash and at one stage she even said to me that she was considering quitting.

‘She was so upset and wouldn't stop crying. She said she wanted to run away with me to New York and start a new life. But I told her she couldn't and that she would only get one opportunity like the X Factor.

‘When I'd heard that Matt and Katie had supposedly been in bed together I phoned her. I was fuming, as you would expect. She said that it absolutely wasn't true and that it was all lies - and I believed her. Then two days later Katie called me in the evening and said that she thought it was best that we stopped seeing each other.

‘The change in her was terrible, she went from texting 15 or 20 times a day with really loved-up messages to nothing. I wasn't expecting it because we had been making plans for the future together.

‘I tried to persuade her that we could make things work and told her that if she was struggling with the pressure I was there to help her. But she said she needed to focus on The X Factor - and since then she's gone quiet.’

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