Ex Factor?

Shock news for fans of irritating Reality TV talent shows Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor! Simon Cowell has revealed that he might knock both of them on the head next year in order to make headway in the American market.

The show will apparently not be going out in its usual slot – between August and December – in 2011, and the TV menace has said he’s not sure if he will extend his ITV contract beying next year. BGT is likely to get the chop as it would clash with X Factor’s next run from November to February.

‘There has got to be a mood here for these shows, and I have always been very conscious of that,’ he said to the tabs. ‘You can’t force anything. It has got to be fun. The minute it stops becoming fun, bye bye. At the moment you are going to see me doing one show. And not in England.’

‘Yes X Factor will have to move, and we have to decide whether we can make the show better. Do people want it back? Even though I have got some plans, I’m going wait a few more weeks before I make a final decision.’

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