Ewan McGregor gets Twitter faked

The fun never ends with celebrity Twitter accounts. This week Ewan McGregor is threatening legal action after impostors created a fake Twitter site in his name which at its peak had over 19,000 followers.

The comedy account was subtle enough for followers to believe it was the real deal, with fans of the actor being updated when he was 'about to enjoy banana pancakes,' 'needed some Tylenol extra strength', or was 'working with Uma Thurman'. The fake Ewan also confessed to his young nephew calling him 'Obi Wan' after his character in Star Wars and that, "if offered I'd be quite happy to make Moulin Rouge two."

Proving that they were one step ahead, the clever hackers also set up a fake MySpace account for the actor which mirrored the trials and tribulations of his Twitter life.

McGregor's spokesperson (a real life one and not a Twitter one) confirmed that; "Someone is just making it all up," (like the day to day nonsense that people usually share on Twitter?) and that they are looking into getting the site removed. Not the whole of Twitter - just Ewan.

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