Evans knows what Moyles should do

You’d think that with all the aggravation that Chris Evans caused radio stations over the years, he he’d have learned to keep his gob shut when another high-profile personality got his knickers in a twist about something. But no, instead the former king of broadcasting has decided to wade into the row between Chris Moyles and Radio 1, saying that ‘it’s time for him to leave.

Evans feels that Moyles had gone too far by putting all his personal problems with the BBC on the air, and that he should go to commercial radio, where he will be paid well and maybe reinvigorate his career. As you can imagine Moyles’ people aren’t too happy about him sticking his freckly nose in.

‘Chris has got to go somewhere else,’ said Evans. ‘Why do you think you have the right to hijack a BBC microphone to make that complaint? I think he'll go to commercial radio, he'll get a massive pay packet, and I think he'll do very well.

‘When you use yourself as your own research, you are going to dig a well that is going to go dry one day. I think that's happened to Chris.’

‘Evans wants Chris out of the way because he sees him as some kind of threat,' said one of Moyles' people. 'It's pretty rude for Evans, a BBC employee, to go on a BBC show and slag off another BBC presenter.’

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