Evans above!

Ginger/greying loud mouth Chris Evans is clearly trying to re-establish his rebellious, hell-raising credentials, despite now presenting firmly middle England shows on the Beeb. Having recently been appointed to 'The One Show', Evans is in trouble with the BBC for comments he made about poor ousted Adrian Chiles.

Speaking to rugby players Matt Dawson and Austin Healey,Billie's former beau boasted that he could get the pair screen tests for a job replacing Chiles on 'The One Show'. Evans then commented 'You are not the warm-up act for me. That is what the other guy thought and look what happened to him', an obvious reference to Chile's decision to leave.

The BBC source said: 'This will not go unnoticed and Chris will have to explain himself. He is almost certain to get a dressing down where he will be reminded he has to be careful what he says on air, especially when referring to 'The One Show'. He shouldn't be seen criticising Adrian for leaving the BBC and shouldn't give the impression he is extremely influential on a series he has not started on yet.'

Consider yourself reprimanded, Evans.

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