Eva Mendes' Calvin Klein ad banned in the US

US television stations are refusing to show the new Calvin Klein Secret Obesession advert featuring a naked Eva Mendes having a bit of a wrestle with a bed sheet. The bee-stung lipped actress is shot in black and white spouting that innane, pseudo philosophical rhetoric which usually punctuates Calvin Klein ads: "Between love and madness lies obsession." Sure it does Eva.

The ad has been blocked stateside because old Eva flashes a bit of nip and the Yanks don't want to see any of that while having their tea thank you very much. It all seems much ado about nothing in a country that produces the majority of the world's pork bishop shining material.

Calvin Klein have said that aim of the ad was to provoke controversy. Translation: they were looking for some free press. But the good news for anyone who had to endure Mendes' performance in the abysmal Will Smith vehicle Hitch, is that at least her appearance in the Calvin Klein ad lasts a paltry 38 seconds.

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