Eva Longoria ; feminism is alive and kicking

Oh good god. 50 years of feminisim and then Eva Longoria pops up and says this. "I’m a 1950s housewife. I love baking. I love sewing. Being home with Tony. My mother was like that. Always took care of her husband. I always admired and wanted to do that." (Latina Magazine).

Well, we love baking and being at home...but being at home and lying round reading magazines, filing our toenails and doing sweet FA - not darning socks for the couch potato hubby!

How long till Longoria ditches the good wife routine and gets Tony taking out the bins, doing the ironing, cleaning toilets and taking care of all the other lovely 'wifey chores' she claims to love? Never. Because at that stage she'll get a housemaid in! A woman's work.....

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