Eva Gone-goria

It's a bit like cosmetic surgery - permanent. Which, in a perverse way seems to be the reason that celebs flock to the tattoo parlour in the first place. The temptation to have their betrothed's name inked onto their body (or some symbolic number that to mere mortals looks like a takeaway menu), always gets the better of them. Eva Longoria is the latest celeb to regret showing her inky affection during the honeymoon period. (Note to celebs: the honeymoon period never lasts!) According to reports, the actress is now trawling Hollywood for a removal parlour.

An American newspaper explains: 'In Longoria’s case that includes 'erasing' the 'Nine' tattoo on the back of her neck (Parker’s number on the San Antonio Spurs) plus the 77/07 (in Roman numerals) on the inside of her right wrist — marking the couple’s wedding date. 'And to think Eva was so ecstatic about getting married on such a lucky date,' quipped an associate of the actress who works on her long-running hit TV show.'

Maybe she could turn the tatt into a hoover or a feather duster, in honour of her success on Desperate Housewives? Maybe not.

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